Thursday, November 26, 2009

Will Google Wave Re-Define the Blog Paradigm?

As we all know, blogs are a social networking tool to desseminate information and capture feedback. The tools currently in use almost provide the mechanism for discussion but don't quite get there. Google Wave holds promise of bringing blogs to the conversational promiseland - at least in the world of typed messages.

Currently, the process works like this: Someone writes a blog article that is typically several paragraphs long with several points linked together by logical reasoning. After visitors read the article, they input a comment at the bottom. The comments usually consist of general commentary on the article subject matter, specific commentary on one or more points within the article, or extending the article through logical relationships to subject matter not discussed in the article.

Commentary from a blogs reader ship currently consists of narrative pointers into the article, e.g. "I disagree with you when you state...". These narrative pointers become exponentially more cumbersome with high volumes of visitors and comments. Discussion is lost because it quickly becomes impossible to follow the massive array of narrative pointers contained in the set of disparate comments.

Google Wave blows up this paradigm by allowing inline commentary within the article. Comments are no longer aggregated by visitor containing multiple points at multiple locations within the article. Comments become decentralized and are input directly in the article at the location where the specific points are made. This allows follow-on visitors to add to the discussion on just those points with which they have interest and absolved of the prerequisite filtering of content and comments that currently exists. The playback feature is also a pretty cool way of being able to read the article without comments and follow visitor feedback sequentially as they occurred.

I posted much of the text from this blog to a wave that I made public. Virtually immediately after posting it, I started getting inline feedback from a Wave user. If you have a Google Wave account you can view it by searching for with:public google notarangelo. There's some interesting commentary.

If you want to contact me using this new and interesting medium - and what I think is the future of blogging - then get a Google Wave account (I have some invites available if you need one) and ping me

You can read more about Google wave at

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  1. Hi, the Wave is accessible through this link:!w%252B0qpxC7MoI

    I'm the one who accidently stumbled into Jack's Wave :-)


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