Thursday, April 16, 2009

Workflow Patterns

A colleague of mine gave me good advice a while back about blogging. He recommended that I submit articles frequently and that they be short and concise. I'm not sure how proficient I am at writing short and concise articles but my guess is that this one will be the shortest and most concise of those that came before it or will be written after it.

I stumbled across an excellent web site for workflow patterns . The site contains research on workflow patterns conducted by various academicians and are sanctioned by the Worflow Management Coalition. Below are links to the four papers that I think are a must read if you are working with or developing any kind of process-aware software. You can view the content on the web site directly or download a PDF file at the top of each link with all the patterns under that respective category.

Control-Flow Perspective
Data Perspective
Resources Perspective
Exception Handling Perspective

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